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Career Support Services Summary

The Faculty of Law has a Career Support Committee managed by faculty that, in cooperation with the Career Services Division, engages in a wide variety of activities to help students find careers. The following are career topics (lectures on career topics), internships, and civil service examination preparation courses that we offer.

  • Career Topics
    The Faculty of Law has created a Vocational Selection and Self-Actualization course for second-year students and the Vocational Selection Practice course for third-year students. We invite career counselors, active civil servants, HR personnel from private industry, etc., as guest lecturers, and students are able to learn everything from basic career knowledge to actual job selection techniques.
  • Internships
    The internship system allows third-year students to work in government offices, private companies, and prefectural bar associations, etc., for approximately a week during the summer holiday. Participating in internships will help students earn credits for required classes.
  • Civil Service Examination Preparation Course
    For students wanting to become civil servants, Kumamoto University has an on-campus civil service exam preparation course. Over the course of a year, this program provides comprehensive exam preparation classes supported by cooperation between the Career Services Division and the Kumamoto University Co-op. Almost half of the students who participate and successfully pass are students of the Faculty of Law. Click here for details about the course.