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Admission Policy

As the Faculty of Law of a prominent regional university, we endeavor to create an outstanding law department that can contribute to local and international society amid the progress of informatization, globalization and aging. To this end, small-class subjects are held for all four years of undergraduate study in addition to offering a curriculum that values a student-centered, proactive learning experience.
Based on this, our faculty are looking for people with the following abilities and qualities:

  • 1
    Those who have a wide range of the basic secondary education academic skills that are necessary for the study of law, political science and economics
  • 2
    Those who care about individual persons, society and the public listening to different opinions
  • 3
    Those who think flexibly and logically using their own ideas, and can hold discussions and engage in dialog
  • 4
    Those who fight for fairness and justice, and think both locally and globally
  • 5
    Those who, in regards to various social and public problems, especially the ones raised in the communities in which they were born, raised or lived, can collect a wide array of knowledge through discussions and dialog with other people, and those who have the motivation to present solutions to those problems

We believe that our educational mission is to cultivate the fundamental skills and abilities required for solving current social problems. Modern society, as well as the problems which arise there, is/are diverse and complicated. Students are encouraged to deepen their interests in those social issues after joining our program.