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    Students for each year, from freshmen to seniors, are grouped in small classes where they engage in classwork and, under the instructor's passionate tutelage, actively participate in discussions and give presentations.
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    As a traditional law department, we focus on teaching basic legal coursework from a student's very first year, including study of Constitutional Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Law.
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    We also provide a solid foundation in political science and economics resulting in the perfect curriculum for those who are planning to work in civil service or finance.
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    Starting junior year, students are separated into law and public policy courses according to their career choices. For those studying law, there are also specialized classes for those wishing to continue on to graduate school.
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    The requirements within courses and for advancement are set based on a step-by-step learning system.
    We have established a system where course credit exchange is possible with Kumamoto Prefectural University and Kumamoto Gakuen University so that students can experience a broader range of study.
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    We actively support students in their search for jobs and we certify credits for internships at government agencies and leading companies in Kumamoto that provide vocational experience. In addition, we offer a Vocational Selection and Self-Actualization lecture to second-year students to nurture a sense of career awareness in students early on.
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