• Kodo YAMAZAKI (Dean)
    Tax Law:Substance of Disposal Cause and Exchange of the Cause, TAX JURISPRUDENCE 569,2013.
  • Keiju SUZUKI(Vice-dean)
    Political Science; S.Kojima, M.Kotani, K.Suzuki, N.Tanaka, Y.Nakamasu, R.Miyazaki(co-aouthers), Social Security in Italy, 2009, JUNPOSHA.
  • Kiminobu FUKAMACHI(Vice-dean)
    International Law; The Corfu Channel Case and the Regime of Straits, in Kuribayashi and Sugihara(eds.), The Influence of Landmark Cases in the Law of the Sea, 2007.
  • Yuki Abe
    A Constructivist Examination of the Clash of Norms: Germany's response to the Crisis in Bosnia, International Relations, Vol. 172, 2013, pp.73-86 (in Japanese)
  • Tomoko ASADA
    Verwaltungsrecht;Verletzung der einem Dritten gegenuber obliegenden Amtspflicht ;Junior
    Research Journal, 14: 1-33
  • Yasusada ASADA
    Regional Economics; The job creation potential of the service sector in the 2000's., 114 Kumamoto law review, 2008.
  • Emi HAMADA
    Zivilrecht ; Allgemeiner Teil ; Ueber den Eigenschaftsirrtum im Spezieskauf
    Civil Procedure Law; My theme is evidence law. I am interested in the problems about burden of proof in civil litigation.
  • Ichiro HAYASHI
    International Law, International Law and International Relations, Conflict Transformation; Regime theory as a model to International Law Analysis, 102 Kumamoto Law Review, 2002.
  • Eberhard HERZOG
    Japanologie; Ethnologie; Deutsch als Fremdsprache
  • Yasuhiro IKEDA
    Law and Economics, Economic Analysis of Law; Recent Work: "On the Arrangement of Fixed and Contingent Attorney's Fees", Presented Paper In 2009th Annual Meeting at Asian Law and Economics Association, Souel, Korea, June 2009.
  • Hironori ITO
    Political Thought;,
  • Toshio KIMURA
    Constitutional Law; Effects of fundamental human rights on third party On the Depths of "Lueth-case" at Federal Constitutional Court in Germany-concerning the Trial for Jew Jues Oppenheimer, in:a Festschrift for Prof. Ando Takayuki and Prof. Kawano Masanori to 60 TH Birthday, HOSEI KENKTU, LAW AND POLITICS JOURNAL KYUSCHU UNIVERSITY, Volume 68, Number 1, 2001.
  • Yasukazu KIZAKI
    Civil Law(Law of obligation and property);
  • Kayo KURATA
    Social security law; Concept and method of childcare,Hokkaido
    University Press,2008.
  • Hitomi MITANI
    Torts; Ambiguity in the theory of sanctions-incorporating the concept of criminal law penalties into the civil law.
  • Daisuke MORI Law and Social Science; "Game Theory and International Law:The Role of
    Customary International Law," Keiso Shobo, 2010.
  • Hiromi NAITOH
  • Satoshi NAKAUCHI
    Social Law, Labor Law, Contract of Employment, Echtes Leiharbeitsverhaeltnis
  • Nobuharu OBINATA
    Constitutional Law; Copyright and Free Speech; A Principle in Coordination with a Copyright and Freedom of Speech (1)/(2), Kumamoto Law Review ,116/118, 2009.
  • Hiroaki OHSAWA
    Political and Diplomatic History of Modern Japan; Japan's Foreign Policy toward East Asia in Meiji Era, On Japan-China Tientsin Treaty of 1885, Kumamoto Law Review, nos.106,107, 2004-5.
  • Yukio OKADA
    Criminal Policy and Juvenile Justice; Social Investigation of the Juvenile Justice ; To overcome problems of the social investigation about juvenile cases, which depends on records, 118 Kumamoto Law Review(2009).
  • Shigeaki OWAKI
    Administrative Law , Public Finance Law, public financial law : in comparison with German law
  • Yohei SHIBUYA
    Criminal Law; The Objective Element of Criminal Attempt in England(1)(2), 108 Kumamoto Law Revew(2005)41, 111 Kumamoto Law Revew(2007)43.
  • Aya SONODA
    English Legal History; 'The Birth of the Jury of Presentment and the Canonical Procedure in Twelfth-Century England', Kumamoto Law Review, no.130, 2014.
  • Mari SUSA
    Mari Susa's research interests lie in the field of competition law generally. She has published work on competition laws in Argentina, Chile and Spain, and on issues concerning Minamata disease.
  • Hiroaki TATEISHI
    German Llterature; Modern German Literature, the study of Hofmannsthal; Ueber das Ich im erhoehten Augenblick, Humanities and Social Sciences, No.5 (2001).
  • Kenichi TOGAWA
    Economic Geography; " Japan's Automotive Recycling System: Evaluation Three Years after Implementation." in Promoting 3Rs In Developing Countries. Lessons from Japanese Experiences, Edited by M. Kojima, IDE Spot Survey 30, Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO, pp. 107-124, 2008.
  • Satoshi TOHYAMA
    Commercial Law, Insurance Law; The Criteria of Whether the "External" Impact Caused the Insured's Injury in the Accident Insurance Contract, 606 Journal of Insurance Science, 2009.
  • Hideshi YAMADA
    Rechtsphilosophie, Philosophy of Law
    Naturrechtslehre, Theory of Natural Law
    Veroeffentlichung: Hideshi Yamada, Mensch und Naturrecht in Entwicklung aus Sicht eines japanischen Naturrechtlers" , in : Rudolf Weiler (Hrsg.) Mensch und Naturrecht in Evolution, Wien 2008, 262S.(S.109-137).
  • Sachiyo YAMAGUCHI
    Company Law; Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility; Toward Environmentally-conscious Management From The Corporate Law Approach, The Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics2006(The UK), Vol.17, pp.219-24(2006).
  • Satoe YAMANE
    Civil Law; contract; Der Prozess des Zustandekommen und die Schuld im Darlehensvertrag.
  • Hidemi YOSHIOKA
    Korean Economy, Asian Economy, Economic Development of Korea; "Technological development in semiconductor industry of South Korea: Based on the case of development of elementary process technology in Samsung Electronics", Asian Economies, Vol.47, No.3, 2007.

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